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Understanding No Trespassing: Restricted Access to Private Property

Why Access is Restricted

If you’ve arrived here through a link on one of our ‘No Trespassing’ signs, it’s important to understand why access to these properties is restricted. The lands marked with these signs are private properties, and access is limited to protect the privacy, safety, and security of the property, its inhabitants, and the surrounding environment.

Prohibited Activities

To ensure the safety and integrity of the property, the following activities are expressly prohibited at all times, unless explicitly permitted in writing by the property owner or manager:

  1. Hunting: The use of the property for hunting purposes, including the use of firearms or archery equipment, is strictly forbidden.
  2. Trapping: Setting traps or snares for wildlife is not permitted under any circumstances.
  3. Fishing: Fishing in any ponds, lakes, rivers, or streams on the property is prohibited.
  4. Recreational Vehicle Use: The use of ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, or any other recreational vehicles is not allowed.

Authorized Individuals

  • Criteria for Authorization: Authorized individuals are those who have received written permission from the owner or property management.
  • Verification: Authorized persons must carry proof of their permission at all times while on the property and present it upon request.

Respect the Boundaries

Respecting these boundaries and rules is crucial for maintaining the balance and harmony of the natural environment and the rights of the property owners. Trespassing on private property is a legal offense and will be treated as such.

Dangers of Trespassing

Trespassing on private property is not only illegal but also poses numerous risks:

  • Hunting Injuries: Unauthorized hunting can lead to severe injuries, both to the trespasser and legal occupants of the property.
  • Surveillance and Security: Many properties are under surveillance, and trespassers may be recorded and prosecuted.
  • Construction Hazards: Unmarked construction zones may pose serious risks to unauthorised individuals.
  • Environmental Impact: Trespassing can disrupt the natural habitat, affecting both native and introduced flora and fauna.

Tow Away Zones and Unauthorized Parking

  • Strict Enforcement: Areas marked as ‘No Parking’ or ‘Tow Away Zones’ are strictly enforced to ensure safety and access for authorized vehicles.
  • Legal Consequences: Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. This is in accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated Sections 55-16-11 and 16-112.

Legal References

  • General Trespassing: Trespassers will be prosecuted under Tennessee Code Annotated Section 39.14-405.
  • Vehicle Towing: Vehicle-related violations fall under Tennessee Code Annotated Sections 55-16-11 and 16-112.

How to Apply for Access

If you need access to the property for legitimate reasons, please use the form provided below to submit a request for property access. Ensure that you provide all necessary details and the purpose of your visit. Access is granted at the discretion of the property owner or manager.

Sign Examples:

Please fill out the form below to request access to the property. Your request will be reviewed, and you will be contacted for further information or confirmation.

Thank you for respecting our property and helping us maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone.